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AospExtended ROM V6.2 For Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 Pro

Install Latest AospExtended custom ROM V6.2 On your Redmi note 6 pro

Hello geeks, Here is the latest version of Aosp Extended Custom ROM for Xiaomi Redmi Note 6 pro. Install this latest bugless Custom ROM on your Note 6 pro. Just follow This post to know more about how to install and Boot this ROM on your Redmi Note 6 pro.

What is A Custom ROM

So, Before we begin let’s talk about what is really a custom ROM? I am sure most you guys already heard about custom ROMs but still there peoples who don’t know what is a custom ROM. A custom ROM is  Actually Read Only Memory and nothing else, When you buy a new android phone the manufacturer already preinstalled a ROM on your device It’s usually called as Stock ROM. Android is open source So any developer can edit the code and make changes to the firmware. passionated Developers around the world already developed so many ROMs. So you can install a customized ROM on your device if available.

Features OF custom ROMs

  • Performance: The first factor is performance, Developers around the world build a much better custom version of your stock ROM.
  • Battery Life: Much better battery life than stock ROM
  • Customization: Custom ROMs allows You to customize your device at its maximum

Aosp Extended

Custom rom for redmi note 6 pro

AospExtended is an Aosp based custom ROM. Enabled a lot of customization options and features.

Features OF AospExtended ROM

AospExtendedcustom ROM comes with a Lot of customization options to your Redmi note 6 pro

-DU Font Engine
-Substratum Theme Engine Rootless Support
-Omni's QSHeaders Background
-One Handed UI
-Grid/GO Recents UI
-Expanded Desktop
-Statusbar Clock/Date Customizations
-Dashboard Suggestions/Summaries (Enable/Disable)
-Notification Intervals
-Increasing Volume in Ringtone
-D2S On Navbar
-Long Press Back button  to Kill App
-Dashboard Column Configurations
-Detailed Location QS Tile!
-Statusbar Traffic Indicators
-Notification Count

And Much More… Some features may not available in this initial release but soon it will be added through updates



Download Google Apps – Download (AMR64 -8.1-stock)

How To Install AospExtended ROM on Yor Note 6 Pro

Follow below mentioned steps to install Custom ROM on your device.


Installing custom ROMs nwill Void  your warranty. We are not responsible anything happens to your device or components while installing A custom ROM. Install at yourown Risk.

  • Make A Full Backup of your device
  • This Rom is only for Redmi note 6 pro
  • Make sure your device has enough battery charge



  1. Download the ROM package and Google apps ( You can choose Your Google apps package)
  2. Wipe everything including, cache, data, Dalvik cache
  3. Flash ROM package
  4. Flash Google apps package
  5. Wipe cache again
  6. Reboot Your device
  7. Be patient, First booting will take some time

that’s it you have successfully installed AospExtended ROM on your Redmi note 6 pro

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