Apps Like Showbox -Top 5 Alternatives of Showbox App

Looking for apps like showbox to watch free movies ?. Here we have mentioned top 5 alternatives of showbox app

Showbox App

Showbox has been the leading app in the movie streaming app for the past few years. But in the year 2015, the Showbox was out of reach to everyone for some issues. There were technical issues such as server down or crash due to many visitors every day. This was the time when other companies took advantage of this and created some similar app like Showbox app which we can also call the Showbox. So, today I’m listing the Top 5 best Showbox alternative apps here, which you can use and which are better than Showbox.

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Yes, the Showbox is a great app with great features and it’s like you’re doing a great collection of movies on your device if you have this app on your phone or your PC. The apps I’m going to list below are very similar to the Showbox, which you can call them the Showbox option, but only one thing is not the same as the name of these apps. It is expected that when you are out of reach from the Showbox, you would love to keep these apps on your device to watch online devices.

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Apps Like Showbox: 5 Alternatives to Showbox App

1. Movie box app

Movie box app is mainly designed for iOS devices. This app has an excellent collection of movies, let it be old or new, and the exciting features of this app are that you can not only make movies of all kinds, such as English, Hindi, Marathi and so on. Stream online TV shows in many different image quality according to the needs and speed of the internet. This app is user-friendly and has very clear features that are only effective in showing. You can easily install it on your iPhone / iPad from your App Store.

2. Crackal app:

This is one of the best Showbox options apps that you can download without restriction on your device. You can install this app on your Android and the iOS phone is very compatible with every type of phones such as Windows or Symbian. This app has got a collection of over 30 million movies and TV shows that you can easily stream online through your phone for free. In the future, this app will also have a watchlist in which you can store your favorite movies or TV shows to watch later when you are free.

3. Hulu app:

There is nothing unique in Hulu app but you can easily stream the number of online movies. For me, this app has given excellent speed while streaming online movies, though my internet was slow. This app already has a watchlist feature where you can add your favorite TV shows and movies if you want to watch later when you have enough time.

4. Popcorn Time:

This app is beautifully programmed and coded for every device like android phones, ios, linux etc. With this app you can easily stream online movie or TV shows for free, this app also offers videos of different properties like 320p, 480p, 720p, etc. This app is simple but in other showbox like optional app There is an excellent collection of films only.

5. Playbox HD App:

This is an increasing app and the best showbox to date is one of the alternate apps. Because this app has features such as streaming movies in HD quality, viewing a movie on another device via chrome cast. But many users are complaining that the Playbox is not loading like a showbox app faster.

That’s why I’ve shortlisted all the Top 5 best showbox alternate apps that can be on your device. This is a top-rated alternate app by many users. I’m sure this app will satisfy you with many features like showbox with your own features and collections. As I have listed this app according to my personal views, so if you think I have missed anything you can suggest me in the comments section below.


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