Best DS Emulator For Android 2019 ( Updated )

The Best Free DS Emulators For Android 2019

Best 5 Nintendo DS Emulator For Android
Here I have listed the best Nintendo DS emulator for Android. I tested them all on their own and reviewed them based on their characteristics and user experiences.

1.Drastic DS Emulator

Drastic is a very fast and stunning DS emulator, and it is in the top list of  DS emulator for Android.

It comes with many good features and provides complete control to operate the game.

Drake is available on the Google Play Store for $ 5, so it’s valuable and perfectly worth it.

You will not be disappointed in any way. If you can download the app from the Google Play Store.

Features of Drastic Emulator

  • It will double the game’s 3D graphics by their original resolution
  • Easily customize the placement and size of the NDS screen
  • Save  your progress anywhere
  • Synchronize your Save Games
  • Increase the speed of emissions with fast forward

2. NDS Boy! Emulator

NDS Boy! This is also the best Android DS emulator that helps you enjoy your favorite NDS game.

An emulator is very informally by definition, how it does things. It was made by someone like you or was it meant to be enthusiastic, who learned that they went along, instead of that it was the necessary expertise to do it.

It is always power-driven to emulate anything.

Apart from this, I remember that Drastic Developer had said that NDS Boy! Actually, one simulation was based on his previous work, which means that Drastic would be better, but not to the extent on which you are hoping.

As always, NDS Boy! The company does not hold any ROM. You will be able to move Nintendo DS ROM to any of those pages that focus on them.

He said that although copycat is technically ready to run files in .ps, .zip, .rar and .7z formats, it is completely a quality if they are in .nds format.

Features of NDS Boy! Emulator

  • Save game stats
  • Tells load game
  • Control buttons and game screen editable
  • Supports Android 6.0+ and external controllers
  • Download and discover more from yourself
  • Believe it or not: all these cool features are free

3.AseDS emulator for NDS

AseDS emulator is one of the best and best emulators to play your favorite Nintendo games on Android devices.

Many features are inbuilt within the application, for example, double touch screen, game replay, code breaker cheats, quick loading of the stack, etc.

It also supports wireless controls and many other things. The AseDS emulator is currently downloaded by more than 1,000,000 people and it is the best  DS emulator for Android.

Features of AseDS emulator

  • Simulates double touch screen interface
  • Save and load the game at any time
  • Supports wireless controller and device microphone
  • Custom button layout and key binding
  • Auto-Rotate Landscape or Portrait Orientation
  • Stretch to fit screen or original aspect ratio
  • Automatic frames skipping and decrease in flicker


GENPlusDroid is an intense mega drive emulator that will allow you to play the best entertainment of 16-bit time on your Android gadget.

Titles like Street of Rage, Title the Hedgehog, Mortal Kombat, and Street Fighter 2 will be accessible to you for some examples.

Similarly, with any other Android emulator, JenpleSdroid does not exclude variations on its own. You will need to download the titles that you need to play from any other site that contains these types of documents.

When you download Rome, it is best to have them in the emulator organizer to get them the best way, despite the fact that you can pile them up with the download envelope, as well.

You can design GENPlusDroid to use a flat or vertical screen and change your controllers. You can also play your most favorite entertainment using a controller via Bluetooth.

GENPlusDroid is a great mega drive emulator that takes almost no space in the storage of your telephone. It is good with the huge goons of variations that spread to all intents and purposes which are the majority of the vast Sega list.

Features of GenPlusDroid

  • Highly compatible Sega Master System Emulator
  • Capable to load games in compressed files (load or 7z)
  • Autosave function
  • 2-player options
  • Multitouch support
  • No root required
  • Free

5. NDS4Droid

NDS4Droid is a Nintendo DS emulator. Despite the fact that it is still in its advancement stage, so far it enables you to play some computer games that are supported by the well-known Nintendo with great results.

The basic issue for most of the variations is that the trend of casing for each second is much less, it slows down the entertainment and makes the helicopter. All things were considered, this application so far gives you the opportunity to turn off your diversion, and it renders sound and realistic with open style.

One standout among other things about NDS4Droid is that the application is an open source, so anyone can download it without paying anything and even change its code. Stacking Rome is actually equal to it because it will be with some other emulator.

NDS4Droid reduces some computer games, though not every one of them is there. Some work impeccable, while others experience difficulty running on emulators. Final Fantasy IV, for example, works especially with an attractive rate which is less attractive.

NDS4Droid is a Nintendo DS emulator which is superb and comprehensive. It does not yet extend the complete list of entertainment for the Nintendo DS, yet you can still play a great game of great titles.

Features of NDS4Droid

Support OUYA Game Console
Disable Save States and Sound
Needs to be displayed


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