Best Extratorrent Mirror Sites Unblocked (Working) 2019

Torrent is still the preferred way for a large number of Internet users to download movies, TV series, games and other files for free

Extratorrent : In Todays Post we gonna know best extra torrent proxy mirror sites which are unblocked 2019  and 100% Working. The torrent is the preferred way for downloading large number of  movies, TV series, games and other files for free. The Extra torrent is one of the most popular sites among the community. Unfortunately, On May 17, 2017, Extra Torrents (ET) had closed its website and permanently erased all the data. There is no clear explanation about why this popular torrenting platform suddenly decided to stop its operation. Rumors have said that after taking action on the key players like Kickass and Torrentz, ET was under much pressure from law enforcement agencies of various countries and thus they decided to make it offline forever.

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Even though it was astonishing news for many people, but it did not prevent people from making Extra torrent Mirror Site and Extra torrent Proxy Server to enjoy ET’s experience and features.

Another problem with the original extra torrent was that some countries and ISP’s have blocked it. So to go around it, we usually had to use VPN which was not convenient. But now when there are hundreds or thousands of mirror sites, then Extra torrent is easy to unblock with either proxy server or mirror sites. Hundreds of extra torrent clones on the internet are floating, and almost all of them claim to work as good as ET. But you know that is far from the truth.

Yes, some clones are doing exceptionally well in quality control and collection. But many sites are just in the running to get more users to their site and earn instant money. You are on this page that you had some experience with “Unblocked Extra torrent Proxy Sites and Mirror Sites”. So in this article, I will take you through all the major and popular Extra torrents.CC proxy servers, Extra torrents Mirror Sites and you unblock all these sites.


Curious to know what mirror websites are and how does it work? Well, in simple words we can say that the Extraterrestrial Mirror website replicates the real Torrent search engine. Mirror sites are exact copies of the same websites using the same database, configuration settings, and essential files of the original websites.

A developer can have thousands of reasons to copy a site, but the most common goal is providing more than one source to its users. Below I have mentioned some other reasons that can help you understand about mirror sites.


There are some countries who banned some of the websites so that users cant access the website. Therefore, users can use the whole data which is without any restrictions on the restricted site. Mirroring a website can help in managing traffic. Because every mirror website hosts on different servers, it becomes easy to handle a lot of traffic.

These site divide data centers  according to users to ensure the speed and performance of a website. Accessing the website stored in the New York Datacenter is a faster user than a Washington user accessing a site stored in Bangalore. Mirroring a website has many other advantages, but it also has many disadvantages.

The main downside is ranking. These types of websites do not appear on search engines. Because more than one copy is available on the Internet with the same content. That’s why if you are a regular user, then I recommend you bookmark this page so that you do not need to find these mirror websites again on the search engine. So, it’s time to start the list.

What is Extra torrent or ET?

Unless you are living in a rock era, you know that ET Torrent was one of the most popular Torrent websites on the internet. Here you can download high quality movies, mobile phones, games, TV series, software, documents and many under one roof. The quality control team at ET ensured that all the torrents were safe and only from the reliable uploader. It was founded in 2006 and soon became a popular hangout for many people, who liked to download Torrent.

With millions of hits daily, it was the second largest torrent community after The Pirate Bay. ET had a special place in our heart as you can see from our articles like Best Mobile Phone Torrenting Sites, eBook Torrent Sites, Torrent Sites for downloading Hindi movies where you can see, we have consistently recommended ET was. After the death of Kickass and Torrentz, Extratorrents was the number one torrent site with millions of users.

Best Extratorrent Proxy Mirror Sites Unblocked 2019


Extratorrent.red  Extratorrent Mirror Site

Extratorrent.red is another great mirror site which is created by the developers of Extratorrents. On this website you can find all the valuable data you are looking for. This site is hosted on the United States server.

This website is not one of the fastest available on the Internet, but you will easily get good speed to make sure.

You can use this link to see it – Extratorrent.red


The next extratorrent mirror site about which we are going to talk about is extratorrent.world. This is a quick website and is currently on the working condition.

This website is using the US data center to share data with its users, so if you are from this area, then you can use this website for the fastest transfer of data.

Here is a link to easily view this Mirror website – Extratorrents.world


Are you searching the Extratorrent Mirror website which is working? You will not find any reliable mirror site better than this. This is one of the fastest  proxy sites available in working condition. Even the best part of this website I like is its availability. This mirror website is for many countries around the world.

In addition, the site is protected with a brute force because users are required to verify the captcha every time, so you have not had a downtime while using this website. It uses New York’s datacenter to share content with you, but you can use it efficiently from anywhere in the world.

Use this link to see it – Extratorrent.unblockall.org


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