Best File manager Apps For Android

File manger apps are really essential for android devices. It allows users to view edit and organize data files. It’s really important to have an amazing file manger for any android device. So let’s check some of the best android file managers .

File manager

Best File Manager Apps

Now almost all manufacturers includes Best file mangers for their device. But anyway in some cases it not enough, So let’s check some of the best apps

Es File explorer
ES File Explorer/Manager PRO
ES File Explorer/Manager PRO
Developer: ES Global
Price: €3.09

Es file explorer is one of the best android file manger application.Es file manager comes with great features.

ES file manger supports all basic functions like cutting pasting, moving and add or removing folders and files.

Es file explorer also supports application management like installation and uninstallation of android applications. Supports Root access, so you can walay manage system files.

Amaze File Manger
Amaze File Manager
Amaze File Manager
Developer: Team Amaze
Price: Free+

Amaze file manger is a new comer, as the name says it’s really an amazing File manager.Amaze file manager is open source and focused on a lighter user experience.it have a built-in application Manager option so you can manage your apps through Amaze file manager.Amaze file manager is easy to use and install , but anyway if you want to support the developers purchase option is also available.

Asus File manager

A file manager app with a brand name. Anyway it’s really a nice one. Featured with some great features and options.you will get all basic file manager options like copy paste delete move etc. The best thing about this app is it’s free to download and use and there is no purchase option. One of worst thing about this app is it doesn’t support root access.

Fx File explorer
FX File Explorer (Plus License Key)
FX File Explorer (Plus License Key)

Fx file explorer is one of the most featured file manger. This is anew file explorer but anyway rich with with features and options. Lighter in size and beautiful user interface. The best part about this app is it doesn’t track you down. You can use it without any privacy fears.

Solid Explorer
Solid Explorer File Manager
Solid Explorer File Manager
Developer: NeatBytes
Price: Free+

Solid explorer is a popular android file explorer.it comes with solid metirial design. It also supports cloud storage,Root access, webDav etc.. you can download a free. Version or a pro version both are available.

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