Best WiFi Analyzer for Windows 10/8/7

Looking for the best WiFi analyzer? Difficult to understand the WIFI signals. I am roaming in my house and the signal is full. I take a few steps toward the front door and suddenly, there is no signal and what do I like? Within a few days, you learn to identify areas in your home/office where the WiFi signal is the strongest and where it is non-existent.

While this is all counter-productive, there is WiFi Analyzer software available for Windows that will help keep your router in the right place.

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Why do you need a WiFi analyzer

Every WiFi router claims to have a certain threshold that gives you a fair idea of ​​what to expect. Unfortunately, this range is a hit or miss and you have not got the same signal strength in different directions. Why is this?

The strength of your router’s signal depends on its extent and performance, and some external factors such as interference and obstacles like walls. Even before installing your router, you should get a suitable place to install it. This is why you need a WiFi analyzer so you can know that the signal strength is strong, use heat maps to identify weak areas and find out which channels the signal is running on.


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WiFi Analyzer for Windows

Whether you are using Windows 7, 8 or 10, this article will help you to use the best analyzer to find the most optimal position to install the router.

1. WiFi Analyzer

Best WiFi Analyzer
Best WiFi Analyzer

WiFi Analyzer is available on Microsoft Store, a nifty little app that was built for the Windows 10 platform. You can search for suitable channels and identify your router by using heat maps to install. The screen is kept closed though.

There is no network in your vicinity. This will identify the remaining people who are interfering with you. Each channel is given a star rating so that you can easily choose the best.

WiFi Analyzer changed my Windows laptop to Analogizer, which gave me permission to scan my home for Access Points. Quite clear. The app is free to use and download but some additional features have been reserved for the premium version.

Pro version will always keep the screen on and a beeper will add sound to inform you if an access point is found. There are filters and tile support.

Decision: If you have the correct OS, then Wifi Analyzer for Windows 10 is a good app. The free version is great but if you need more information, consider buying in-app purchases.

Download WiFi Analyzer (Freemium)


Netcut is a solid network debugging and testing device that was originally built for backend solutions. It works not only in Windows but also in iOS and Android. Unlike WiFi Analyzer, which can be used by beginners and professionals, NetKit is more suitable for professionals and office use.

Best WiFi Analyzer
Best WiFi Analyzer

Scan and analyze all IP addresses on your network. Advanced features include ARP protocols, which allow you to manage user bandwidth and prevent network abuse. The best thing about Netcut is that it lets you kick people with your WiFi network without the need for any access to your router.

Sometimes, nearby networks can interfere as we discussed earlier. Netcut can help prevent this interference and boost the connectivity range and performance of your router.

Download Netcut (Free)

Decision: Netcut is available for Windows 7/8/10. Netcut is an advanced WiFi analyzer tool that can be a bit difficult to understand at first, but once you master it, you will find it very useful.

3. NetSpot

Most Wifi Analyzers for Windows have very few offers in terms of UI and aesthetics. NetSpot is a WiFi Analyzer with a nice looking interactive UI that is fun to use.

Survey equipment is to create heat maps that you can use to identify the networks and points in your area. The search tool, on the other hand, takes a snapshot of the WiFi network in the vicinity. Together, they will help you choose the best place, fight the signal interference and increase the signal strength.

NetSpot : WiFi Analyzers for Windows

NetSpot is a premium tool that costs you $ 49 for home editions. It is for 2 users and it can not be commercially used. It will provide only 2 snapshots of two separate areas, with a maximum of 50 data points per region.

Decision: Netspot is a powerful software that is suitable for both beginners and professionals but is a little expensive for domestic users. Professionals and companies can pay lump sum premiums.

Download NetSpot (payment)

4. WiFi Analyzer Tool

Another WiFi Analyzer tool from Microsoft Store, but this time, it is also available for Windows 7 and 8 users. It will scan for all WiFi networks around you with an easy spectrum chart that helped me identify the networks that were overlapping with each other.

In this way, you can easily find the best available channels to connect your router. It is easy to use tools for home users, who do not want fancy features but have a simple tool to get work done. The single level keeps up and down, which is why the WiFi Analyzer tool will also show historical data.

WiFi Analyzer Tool from Microsoft store

Both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands have been supported. You can save the chart as images, but this is not a big deal. You can take screenshots anyway.

It comes with two beers, a beeper for light and dark and signals power. At the time of writing this article, the app was available for free, however, generally, you can buy it for only $ 4.95, which is not too much.

Download WiFi Analyzer Tool (Payment)

5. inSSIDer

inSSIDer is another advanced WiFi analyzer tool designed for more professionals than home users. They have three plans available to choose from. At $ 149, inSSIDer Office is the cheapest plan but does not support 2.4 GHz channels and spectrum to be desired.

For large networked offices, the strength of Insider lies in the ability to handle large networks, accuracy, and reliability. This channel can monitor saturation and identify sources of interference.

InSSIDer will track and record the power of the WiFi signal over a while so that you can compare which people are doing the best. The data has been entered in dBm. I like the ability to ensure that I am connected to the most optimal channel.

Download: inSSIDer ( Paid )

InSSIDer was an expensive tool that was built for more office use than homes. This is a powerful tool and well worth the money if you have enough PC in the network.



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