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Download Cider Apk (Cycada): Hey guys, this post is about turning on the topic of your Android mobile phone like Apple’s iPhone. Are you attracted by Apple’s cool iOS, but can not make a big hole in your pocket to buy. Iphone? Or if you are bored with your Android OS and want to try something new, you will be taken to the right place. Today, I am going to explain how to download Cider APK (Sycamada) in your Android device.

What is a Cider App or Cycade App?

The cider apk for android, also known as cycadas app in many countries, is a very popular and powerful iOS emulator. It’s an open source Android emulator APK (app) that is capable of running some of the iPhone’s apps in your very own Android device. Is not that good? Now you can use your Android device for apps that are made for iOS.

Like other iOS emulators, in the cider aka cycade app, there is no restriction on the number of apps that you can keep on your Android mobile phone.

In the very early stages, the Cider App was developed to be used only, but due to its cool features, it gained worldwide popularity and is now commonly used by Android users.

Now you might be thinking how to download cider apk or cycada app in your android mobile? Do not worry, just go through the article and you will get to download cider apk with a link to learn a lot about cider apk.

How to download and install the Cider App in your Android Mobiles?

First of all, you need to download Cider apk or Cycada app from here.

If you are installing an APK for the first time, you can see the warning saying that “installation is blocked from unknown sources”. This cannot be established by a simple change to a serious issue. Just go to settings and then allow security and then finally installation from unknown sources.

Now locate the downloaded apk file of the cider app.

Install  apk in Android mobile once it’s finished, you’re good to go.

To check, if you have successfully installed the cider apk in Android mobile, just go to the app drawer. And check whether the cider is an icon of APK.

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If you have got the icon of the Cider app, it means that you have successfully installed the cider apk in your android mobile. And there may be some problem in the installation process. If so, then follow the steps given above carefully.

Since, now your device has a cider apk installed, just press home softkey and it will prompt for the default launcher of your android mobile phone. Set the cider app (iOS emulator) as your default launcher and you can feel all the new iOS in your new Android phone.

Cider apk features

  • The best part of the Cider apk is that it is completely free.
  • You do not need to buy expensive iPhones to try out iOS exclusion applications.
  • It supports most devices with Android versions of 2.3 or above.
  • To use the app, a minimum of 512 MB of RAM and 200 MB of free disk space is required.
  • The user interface given by the Cider App is as good as iOS.
  • The cider app does not lag your device.
  • The Cycada app gives you an ad-free experience.
  • Better than other iOS launcher and iOS emulator in the market.
  • Your data will not be stolen.
  • The app is virus free.
  • and many more…

Disadvantages of cider apps for Android

There are always two sides to a coin. This is the same with Android for cider or cycadas apps. Since it is still in the development phase, so there are some noticeable flaws also.

The first issue with the cider apk is that the Sycada app is not supported by all Android devices.

Therefore, it is like a hit and trial method to check whether your device is supported by this app or not.

Even there are some security flaws in it, but they are not prominent for most parts. But to be safe, you should install a good antivirus application in your smartphone.

It is not compatible with some main hardware such as a camera and other sensors. Now, it is up to you whether you want to try the cider apk or not.


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