Dual Boot Android Smartphone with Multiple ROMs


Dual Booting is the process of booting multiple Operating systems in one device. It’s quite simple to Dual Boot a Computer system. You just need two OS files and a little common sense to do it. but what about Smartphone?. Have you ever heard about dual booting a smartphone?  probably not. But still, you can dual boot your android smartphone with multiple OS. Just follow my guide to know how dual boot your android smartphone with multiple operating systems.

You cant directly Boot your smartphone with OS files android operating system does not have a bootloader like Grub loader. So in order to multi-boot your android smartphone, you have to install an application, which will help you to multi-boot your device.

What is Multi-Boot


As I mentioned above multi-booting is a process of loading multiple OS files on your smartphone. So you can use multiple OS on your smartphone.

In Computer systems you can easily multi-boot with multiple OS  like  Windows and Linux on a single computer system.

How To Multi-Boot Your Smartphone

Multi-booting a smartphone is different from multi-booting a Computer System. So in order to do it, you have to follow this guide.  Also, check the requirements  section below


what are the requirements you need before staring multi-booting your smartphone

  • Multi-ROM manager app
  • Root access
  • Muti-Booting supported smartphone
  • Backup (Nandroid)

To check your smartphone supports multi-ROM feature or not –  you can check XDA thread

Steps to Follow

After checking your device compatibility to of multi-booting  you can follow below steps


  • The first step is to download and installing Multi-Boot app from play store   Multi ROM



  • After installation Grant Root access
  • After this check options   like   Multi-Rom kernel and Recovery
  • Now from drop down option select the kernel of our Rom file
  • Simply click installation button and then the app will automatically download Files
  • After installation Reboot your device
  • From recovery mode select Multi-ROMmulti-boot
  • Click add ROM
  • Select the type of ROM and location to install
  • Just swipe to left side and  the installation will start multi-boot
  • After successful installation, you can easily reboot your device .    while booting your device you can select which OS you want to load.


That’s all you have successfully installed multiple ROMs on your smartphone   Enjoy!

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