How to check vodafone balance 2019

Check Vodafone Data Limit: If you have deliberately landed on this page, then I am sure you are searching for ways to check Vodafone Internet balance. Now, most mobile users have to recharge their mobile with internet balance in one day, maybe you are using Idea, Vodafone, Airtel and latest sensation JIO. After the Android smartphone and JIO, mobile internet usage has increased massively.

Whether you use 2G / 3G / 4G SIM / Internet balance, it is very important to check internet balance once in a while. Here on this page, we are telling Vodafone different ways to use the services themselves to check Vodafone 4G balance like USSD code, SMS Vodafone app, etc. Those who do not have information about the USSD code, go to this link.

In our previous article, we have covered an article  Airtel Balance Check Guide 2019 | Airtel Balance USSD codes. Just go through them once, you will definitely get useful data from it.

You can get questions like “Why Check Internet Balance” is correct? Still, in India, data operators like Idea, Vodafone, Idea are giving limited dates such as 1.5 GB a day or 60 GB month. After this 4G data, you will slow down the internet speed significantly. So many people regularly check their internet data to avoid slow internet browsing.

You can also call Vodafone Internet Balance by calling Customer Care Number. Of course, they are going to help you by giving information about checking the data balance.

Anyway, you do not have to call them..What are we going to provide all the ways to get Vodafone 4G internet usage details?

Check Vodafone Internet Data Balance:

Two simple ways to check Vodafone data balance, through a USSD code and another using Vodafone app.

Check Vodafone Data Usage with USSD Code

USSD code: * 111 * 2 * 2 #

To check Net Balance on your phone, dial Vodafone USSD code above. Once you dial the number from the keypad, a popup window will appear in seconds, showing Vodafone 4G / 3G / 2G balance available in your account.

As we said earlier, you can also call Vodafone Toll Free Number 199 on mobile phones and get information about your data usage.

Check Vodafone Internet Balance Using Vodafone App:

Not a Vodafone app on your smartphone? It is very easy to install. Just link from here [Download Vodafone App. ]

On this page, you will have to enter your “Vodafone number” and click on the Get Now option. Vodafone app will be downloaded and installed on your phone.

You can also get the Vodafone app from Google Play Store [if you are an Android user] and iOS Store [for iPhone and iPad users].

Now, sign up for Vodafone App with your phone number. Once the registration is successful, you can see all the information associated with your Vodafone numbers like Vodafone Main Balance, Call Balance, Data Balance, and Usage Details.

Another way to check Vodafone Net Balance [Traditional way] is by sending an SMS from your mobile number.

Check Vodafone Internet Balance with SMS

The simplest and easiest way to check net balance is by sending an SMS from the phone number, in which you want to check the data usage.

SMS Data BAL to 144

Hope you find this article useful on Vodafone Internet data. The same process will work for 2G / 3G / 4G networks. Any questions and suggestions please tell us in the comments section.


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