How to Delete Duplicate songs from itunes?

Want to know how you can delete duplicate items from itunes?. Whether it may be songs or albums there is a way to delete these duplicate items. Follow these steps to Remove Duplicate items form itunes.

Hello, Geeks welcome back. In today’s post gonna guide you on how you can delete duplicate items in your iTunes.

iTunes is a popular app for Apple users. iTunes allows ios users to download the latest songs and albums.

While Downloading music or songs from the iTunes store. You won’t remember which are always downloaded and you download them again. That leads to duplicate downloads of songs and albums.

Here are the ways to delete duplicate items in iTunes.

If you download a lot more out of the iTunes Store, then your songs from your library can be left with duplicate albums. If you want to know whether you have downloaded something twice, it is easy to tell it on iTunes.

Show Duplicate Items in iTunes

Open iTunes from the Dock or your Applications folder. From the File menu in the top menu bar, hover over “Library” and select “Show Duplicate Items” from the dropdown.

It will display a list of items sharing the same name and artist, so two songs of the same name will not be shown by different people here.

The album, length, and content may vary, causing some confusion. Everything in this list is not a criminal, so you should not go to delete everything.

For example, compilation and “best” albums that show the artist’s curated songs here if you also have a basic copy. If an artist removes an updated version of a song in the latter album, then it is the same here. The “premium” version of the album which introduces additional songs will also be shown here if you have both versions. In each case, you can consider some such iTunes claims as duplicates, so double check before removing anything.

However, you never want to select and delete everything, because this list shows both copies of the song. You have to press the command to select several items and manually click on each song you want to remove.

It’s annoying, but there is no fast way to keep in mind that all the possible reasons for you to get duplicated. Once you’ve selected everything, right-click to delete your selected item and select “Delete from Library.”

At the top of the screen, you can turn View mode into “Same Album”, which drops too much and resolves most issues with different albums.

There is a possibility of importing the items in this list, and you can usually remove most duplicates without worry.

Bulk editing

If you want to keep duplicate songs, but you can change the album they are in, then you can do it with bulk editing. Select many songs that you want to edit with command + click, then right-click on the selected item and click on “Get Info” on the context menu.

This will indicate to inform you that you are trying to edit many things. You can press “Do not ask me again” to hide it in the future.

Click “Edit Item” to get the info screen. From here, you can make changes to any of these boxes, and they will apply to every song you choose. If you change the album, the songs will sort in a new album, although you may have to add album art back to “Artwork”.

Be careful while changing the information here because it is difficult to sort everything back, so you should get something wrong. An annoying thing is a tracking number, which you can not edit in bulk. If your track numbers are out of place, you will need to manually edit them one by one, which may take some time.


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