How To Enable Dark Mode In Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger is working on a Dark mode from long, and Now you can enable dark mode on messenger with some little tweaks. Turn off the facebook lights and enjoy full dark mode on facebook messenger app. Follow my post to know more about how to enable facebook messenger dark mode.

Facebook officially released a dark mode option for messenger application, but its still in development and not yet available for users. But don’t worry there is another way to enable Facebook messenger dark mode on your device .this method is not official by Facebook, but any way you can test it.

You can test dark mode on messenger beta version, In the beta version, there is an option available to enable dark mode.

How To Enable Dark Mode on Facebook Messenger

You can enable dark mode on messenger by granting root permission. So to do this your device needs to be rooted first.

Steps :

  • The first step is to download and install Facebook Messenger Beta version, You can download the beta version from here
  • You have to make sure that your device has root access and Download and install Termux from play store
    Developer: Fredrik Fornwall
    Price: Free
  • Open termUX and type sudo and press enter
  • Grant Root permission to termux
  • After granting rights to Termux type am start -n “com.facebook.orca/com.facebook.abtest.gkprefs.GkSettingsListActivity” and  press enter
  • Now select search and type ‘dark’.
  • Enable all results by taping on No results
  • Now you have to close the terminal application and open messenger app
  • In messenger application login to your id and tap on your profile icon
  • scroll down until you see an option to enable dark mode.


That’s it ! you have successfully enabled dark mode on your messenger application. having any problem to enable dark mode? feel free to comment below.


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