How To Find Out Who viewed my Facebook profile

Looking for how to find who viewed your facebook profile? Here are the best ways and methods from which you can see who viewed your facebook profile.

How To Find Out Who viewed my Facebook profile : Hey, guys welcome to geeks viral again! Hope you all are doing good.

Facebook is a social platform. Everyone knows about it and you have the profile on facebook.com too.

Have you thought you are viewing your facebook profile without knowing you?. Obviously, you didn’t know you view your profile on your back.

But don’t worry here we came with a new way with this trick you can know who viewed your facebook profile.

Interesting isn’t it? Yeah, now I can see who viewed my facebook profile with this simple trick.

In this blog post we gonna know who viewed my facebook profile with simple tricks.

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So let’s Dive into the blog post

Ever wondered who sees my Facebook profile? If you have the same question in your heart, then you will get your answer here.

Facebook is one of the hottest and popular social networking site, which is mostly people in the US know.

Even though we now have countless fake Facebook profiles, you should take care of your Facebook account. There are thousands of people searching for the app to know who viewed my profile. Yeah because they want to know it. it’s natural. But we have seen many Facebook users cheating with third-party programs and sites. Such sites claim to show you a list of people who visited your Facebook page, but they grabbed your personal information instead.

You can check who viewed your profile not with any third party app but with some tricks.No you wont get any profile links directly you will get their facebook id number which are present after the facebook .com (Example: facebook.com/123456). We will find the profile and page ids who viewed my facebook profile With simple trick.

So let’s know who viewed my facebook profile.


So, we gonna discuss how to find out who viewed my facebook profile.There are many third-party applications which shows who viewed my facebook profile. But Do you know that they take down your personal data like facebook login credentials? Which is very dangerous to you. Because they can use that data anywhere they like.

There are high requirements about the search problem, how to view my Facebook profile on various search engines like Google, Facebook, and Bing. Therefore, various spammers and malicious application development firms use this technique to target customers to get their personal data. As I’ve already noted, these third-party apps do not provide exact effects, and these programs usually post junk on the user’s Facebook wall. You can quickly stop these annoying application requirements.

Can you see who viewed your Facebook page?

Yes, you can! Although there is no established strategy, you are able to use it ‘Who Viewed my Facebook Profile Chrome Extensions’. And, within my study, I learned a real simple way for him, in which there are no app downloads required.

I am unsure about its legitimacy, however. Are you challenging open to my Facebook profile? Then, you will tempt me with the solution within the next section.

Who is watching my Facebook page? How to eliminate the world’s hunger, opposed it? This is essentially the most frequently asked question of the last decade.

After all, you go through the trouble of determining what you feel is the biggest representation of yourself, why you do not want to recognize it, Google has any kind of question given above, and you will get the weight of benefits.

Many guides, several programs, and a bucketful of claims. In case you feel them? To understand who saw your Facebook account?

There are some methods with the help of methods you can see who viewed your facebook profile. So we gonna discuss these methods in this blog post and hope this helps you to see who viewed your facebook profile too.

Method 1: Using Google chrome extension

we can say this is the easiest way of knowing who viewed profile. By Using google chrome extension we can easily find who viewed our Facebook profile. Yeah, this is a type of app.

Thinking how to use it? Don’t worry we are here. You just need to follow some steps. Below are the steps for you to get started

  • First of all, you need to add an extension in your google chrome go to the social profile view notification extension page.
  • Add Social Profile view notification extension on your chrome browser.
  • Wait for a while so that it finishes download
  • After the download has finished just click add the extension
  • Now visit facebook.com and log in with your details to know who viewed Facebook profile.
  • When your logged in with your facebook account look at the timeline.
  • You will see a option named visitors has been added which will show you who visited your facebook profile.



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