How To Freez or Disable Any Preinstalled bloatwares on Android without Root

Hi friends, Today I am here with a cool trick, which will help you to freeze or disable preinstalled bloatware from your Android device. The best thing about this trick is you don’t need to root your device and don’t need to unlock bootloader and install any custom recoveries.

This is the best trick to disable preinstalled bloatware on your android device, you can apply this trick on any of your android devices to disable preinstalled applications.


Nowadays most of the smartphone manufacturers are including their personal apps on the device and users are forced to keep the app. Users can’t uninstall the application without breaking security rules like rooting.

So that’s why we are here, we will help you to disable system apps without rooting your device.

How to Disable Preinstalled System apps

Lets start, To disable pre installed apps from your device  you have to follow below mwntioned steps carefully, Follow step by step and disable any from your device without rooting your android device.


pre-requirements :

  • Working PC ( Windows 10 preferred ) with ADB drivers Installed
  • A working USB cable
  • A little patience

Steps To follow

  • First, download and install ADB drivers to your pc if you have not installed it before
  • Now open google play store and install app inspector application to your device
    Developer: UBQSoft
    Price: Free
  • Launch app inspector and check the package name of the app that you want to disable

disbale apps

  • Now start your pc and open ADB binary folder
  • Press shift key + mouse right button and launch PowerShell from the list

disable apps

  • Now tur off your android smartphone and boot into fastboot mode
  • now connect your device with your pc
  • Once you are in command prompt
  • Type foolowing command and hit enter

adb shell pm disable-user –user 0 <package_to_disable>

  • replace it with package name and hit enter

thats it you have succesfully disabled bloatware from your android device.

in some cases apps may re enable. So try uninstall method



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