How To Get iMessage On PC/Windows

Ultimate Guide on How to get iMessage on PC/Windows

There are many useful messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp, if you want to get the taste of iMessage without the iPhone, then it is not impossible at all because there is hardly anything that is not possible through proper use of technology. If you want to use iMessage on Windows PC, you will have to follow a few small steps and you will be good to go.

Apple has not made iMessage officially available for the Windows platform, but of course, there are ways to get it on your PC. And with the introduction of iOS 10, iMessage has become even more exciting, which is why all of us are eagerly waiting to get its taste on our devices.

Ways to Use iMessage on Windows PCs

If you want to get iMessage on Windows PC, read the methods here.

There are two main ways to get this messaging app in your Windows and we will discuss both the processes here.

Method 1: Chrome Extensions

For the first process you need a Mac with iMessage installed on the device. Also be sure to have a Windows PC in which you will install iMessage. Now follow the steps below.

Make sure that the Chrome browser is installed in both Windows PC and Mac. If not, download and install the browser.
After that, download Chrome Remote Desktop in both your Mac and Windows PC. This is what you primarily need for Chrome Remote Desktop, so you can access one computer through another.
As soon as the installation process is completed on PC, click the button ‘Launch app’ in the upper right corner.

Next, download and install the Chrome Remote Desktop Host installer.
Now look for Remote Mac on your Windows PC and click on it which will allow you to start the screen sharing process.
Now you can enjoy using iMessage on Windows PC.
So, this process is applicable to all those who have Mac. But what if you do not have any? There is no need to worry as the method 2 does not require any Mac to use iMessage on Windows PC.

Method 2: Third Party Apps

This process is for everyone who does not have Mac. So, do not worry, even if you do not have Mac you can get iMessage on Windows PC. For this, you have to download the emulator on Windows PC. An emulator allows users to use all iOS apps in their windows PC. The procedure is explained in detail below.

iPadian emulator

iPadian emulator which will be necessary to run the iMessage app on Windows PC. So, download iPadian2 in your Windows PC.
Then run the .exe file and accept all the terms and conditions. Bus.
Now search the iMessage app in the search bar and start enjoying it.

You Can Download iPadian Emulator From here

Bluestacks Android emulator

Therefore, Google Search has brought me an article that says that BlueStacks will work.

So I gave it a try.

I installed it, everything was found and running and then I only had to search for “iMessage”.

And it worked. Up to a level

I installed iMessenger, opened it and Voila – it seemed like I could start sending iMessages. But then we could not have used it to sync with the existing iOS account. So there was no way to continue the current conversation.

That’s why it’s working, but if you want to keep your existing chat, it’s not for you.

Hackintosh – Choose the best iMessage for PC

Never heard of Hackintosh? Well, this is not an app. It’s actually a computer that is not a Mac, which has been hacked to run like a Mac. So the word “a hackinck” refers to any non-mac computer running MacOS.

The name refers to the fact that to complete it, you need to do some hacking.

But you probably understood …

I should accept, I was not able to test it. It was a very expensive venture. But according to the Internet, creating a hackinut is a 100% way to run anything from the Apple App Store.

So if you want to create a hackintosh, you will need to be prepared. It’s quite a trip (or it seems).

You should be comfortable to build your own PC from scratch. Although not very difficult, you can find online guides on how to install different computer components. And if you are new to PC Building, then I strongly recommend you follow the guides and do not try to “find out”.

There are some unsolicited stuff in PC. Now, I have not made myself a PC for ages. But the first time we did, we did not have any internet. So I could not find any guides.

I blown my first PC within a week.
See, I did not know that you needed the thermal paste between the CPU and the motherboard (this is still a thing?).

I was surprised that my PC was slow after the use of half an hour. I just assumed that the hardware was bad. And then that happened. The CPU became so hot that he died, for the good.

In addition, you may be tempted to use a magnetic tip scanner to maintain those small screws. do not do.

And to back your Static Case, touch your Static in every few seconds to discharge. Because a steady charge on the wrong component will destroy it.

I think you get the idea. moving on.
You also have to be very comfortable with software installation. If you have installed Windows at least on the PC first, it will help.

But seeing that you are reading this, maybe you will think it right. And when you get your own hackints, this app stops at the store and download iMessage and is as easy as you want.

This is a more technological improvement, and it changes your windows with macOS. So if you still want to go this route, then check out this awesome guide by Lifehacker.

So, there are many ways to get iMessage on Windows PC. Follow any method that is convenient for you and iMessage will be readily available in Windows PC.


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