How to Hide Apps On Android?

Hide apps on Android: Hello Readers today we’re here to know how to hide apps on android? You all have an android device with lots of applications in it.Nowadays people have their privacy to protect their apps which contains their personal pictures, SMS,and data. This is important to take care of your privacy.

if you also worry about your privacy and want to hide apps on your android. There are simple ways to hide apps on your android.

You can do hide apps on your android device. It’s not a big deal.

In this Post, we gonna discuss the various methods of hiding apps on android.

We will be discussing two types of methods one is how to hide applications on android without root and other is how we can hide apps on android with root.

If your Phone is not rooted you have to follow the process carefully which is given for unrooted android mobiles.

Don’t Worry All the methods are working and tested. 🙂

How to Hide Apps On Android Without Root

There is no inbuilt option available on your mobile to hide any app.  It is necessary to hide some apps like personal pics,Sms and data. Which is not supposed to seen by others. But what if someone relative asks your phone for some time and read all the data so this is the guide to hide some apps on android without root.

There are many third-party apps available on play store and various app stores. But which app is perfect to hide apps on android.

There are many apps that will take away your data and sell in the market.

So before installing anything, you should carefully examine every app & you should also read the reviews of an app which will you use for hiding apps on your android.

Hiding app means the app and data will be stored in their database. Until you remove it from their apps.

So, Here are the best methods to hide your app in your android phone that’s too without root.

Method 1: Using LAUNCHERS

This is one method to hide apps on android. Using various launchers in your android mobile you can hide apps.

So now the question will be which is the best launcher to hide an app on my android device? Well, there are plenty of launchers on google play.

Go Launcher, Apex Launcher, Nova Launcher Prime (PED) are the best options for this. You can hide any application through this launcher. Using these launchers in your mobile which isn’t rooted will help you to hide any mobile application on your Android device.

So Let’s Know how we can hide any android application on your android without root.

Hide Application on your android using Apex Launcher

1. Firstly download and install Apex Launcher on your Android Phone from Play Store Below is the download link and Install Apex Launcher.

The app was not found in the store. 🙁

You Can Also download Apex Launcher  From Here : Apex Launcher

2. After that, open the Apex launcher and the launcher will be set on its own. Otherwise, you will see pop up to set Apex Home (always choose an option to set Apex as the default home) After that, you will see Apex settings on your homes Screen and app drawer Open Apex Settings.

3. Now tap on the Hidden Apps option. After that, tap on Add From the bottom of the screen, look for the Hidden Apps button and select

4. The apps you want to hide from the app drawer. After selecting Tap on the app, save (hide apps) button.

How to hide the app using the GO Launcher Z

1. Download and install the Go Launcher from the Play Store. From below Link. (Paid version is also available to remove ads) Install Go Launcher

2. After installing, open the Go Launcher from the app drawer and wait For some time. After that, set your favorite wallpapers and Launcher will be set.

3. To hide the app, open the app drawer, and tap and hold App icon and you will see hidden options at the top of the screen.

Drag the icon to the top right corner of the screen, where the Hiding option is located. (After that, the application will be hidden from the app drawer. But, it’s easy to unhide the app.

Therefore, Launch Launcher Protects the apps feature that hides the pattern lock.) If the app is icon Available on the home screen, you have to delete the app icon Manually from the Home screen

4. Tap on the Tools icon from the Home screen. After that, open “Hide the app” and set a pattern lock and confirm it. You’ll see Apps list that you hide from the app drawer You can unhide Apps from here Tap and hold on the app you want to unhide. Tap on and close (cross) icon.


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