How To port Telegram Stickers and Use In Whatsapp

Previous year WhatsApp launched new sticker feature in their messenger, So you can easily send stickers to your friends. But WhatsApp has just 7 preinstalled stickers only. Anyway, you can create your own stickers for WhatsApp or You can also download and use sticker apps from play store. Another way is to port Telegram stickers to WhatsApp.

port stickers

There are several ways to use telegram stickers on WhatsApp but most of them won’t work, So here we guide you to port any telegram stickers to WhatsApp without any errors. just follow this post to know much more about stickers porting from telegram to Whatsapp.

Why you need to port stickers to Whatsapp

  • Whatsapp has only a limited number of preinstalled stickers
  • Telegram contains a wide variety of different stickers
  • you cant directly u7se telegram stickers on WhatsApp
  • You need 3rd party application to add extra stickers on WhatsApp
  • One stickers pack can contain only 30 stickers


How to Port Telegram  Stickers To Whatsapp

The best way to use telegram stickers on Whatsapp is porting them for Whatsapp. So we need to follow a porting method, To do this we need to use a telegram bot called telegram sticker downloader bot.



  • Open telegram and start sticker downloader bot


  • Type settings and change  image type to web
  • Send stickers pack link to the bot

To get stickers pack link  Go to Settings – stickers or masks- tap on options and copy link

The bot will take some time to port the stickers so wait some time

after the poting bot will send you a downloadable zip file

  • port stickersDownload and extract the zip files

You have successfully completed the porting process now you have to ad those stickers to whatsapp.

  • Download and install Personal stickers app from play store
Personal stickers for WhatsApp
Personal stickers for WhatsApp
Developer: Stukalov
Price: Free
  • After successful installation just tap on add stickers and and extracted stickers to WhatsApp thats it..you have successfully added telegram stickers on WhatsApp

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