How to Root Your Samsung Phone Using CF-Auto-Root

The root is a power user, it gives you complete administrative access to your phone, once you route, you can use custom ROMs, custom recovery and a famous Xposed module to increase your phone’s look, features and performance. Are. Routing is good; It has its own advantages as mentioned above but its flaw is that you can lose the warranty of your phone and you will not be able to receive OTA updates but you can always flash the old firmware of your phone, so your device is here Delete.

Guide On CF-Auto-Root

Before continuing with the steps listed in this guide; You acknowledge and acknowledge that it is your own responsibility to damage your phone due to your efforts to route your phone. Appuals, a writer (author) and our colleagues will not be responsible for doing anything on a brick device, dead SD card, or your phone. If you do not know what you are doing; Please do research and if you do not feel comfortable with the steps, then you should not do it.

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Let’s talk a bit about CF-Auto-Root and Samsung Devices.

CF-Auto-Root and Samsung Devices

There is a script to route the Samsung phone running CF-Auto-Root Android. In this guide; We will tell you how to use the Odin and CF-Auto-Route to route Samsung phones, mainly because their bootloaders are unlock in the Samsung phone. For other devices with locked bootloaders (see here).

Requirements of CF-Auto-Root

Before starting;

Go to settings and check your model # (variant) -> About phone -> Model number and note it.

Next, download the CF-Auto-Root file that you are going to use to route your phone.

Do a quick search or go through the Model # field, once you find your model, use the links of the #Download line according to the same field in which your model is # CF-Auto-Root download.


After this, make sure the following requirements are meeting with your phone

A) Your phone is compatible with CF-Auto-Route

B) Access to a laptop or desktop with internet and USB port

C) A USB cable to connect your phone to a computer

d) Make sure your phone Battery is full.

Once done, turn on ADB debugging. To do this, click Settings -> About Device -> Software Info -> Number and tap on it about 7 times or until you see any message, you are saying that you are now a developer, a Times it says that; Go to Settings -> Developer Options; And enable USB debugging.

Now download ODIN from here, remove the ODIN using WinRAR, you will see it as a .exe file, now turn off your device and boot it in download mode, it can be done in two ways, your phone Based on the model of the first hold, see VOL Down + Power Button + Home button, if it does not turn off your device and hold down the Power button + VOl down button, once you enter the download mode, warn you The screen will be greeted with whether you want to continue or reboot, press the VOL UP button to continue.

Then run ODIN on your computer and connect your device to a laptop / computer using a USB cable.

Once you connect, you should see a highlight blue box, indicating that the device is connected to ODIN.

If you do not see this box then you probably need to download the Samsung USB driver from here to your computer.

Basically, find the download zip file from the CF-Auto-root site, remove it and after removing the file

You should see the .tar.md5 file.

Click on the AP button in ODIN and locate CF-Auto / Load-Root.tar.md5 file and make sure only auto reboot and f.time reset is checked (each other option should be unchecked).

After that click on the Start button Once the flashing is complete, turn off your device and reboot it. After this reboot; Root access is obtained.


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