Top 5 Anime Streaming Sites of 2019 – Watch anime online HD

List of Free Anime Streaming Sites List 2019

Anime has become Japan’s hottest export throughout the world. Many North American and European countries are already seen as attractive markets for anime content. However, most anime series with subtitles are available online only. After this, to see all the latest episodes of your favorite new anime saga, you will need a list of the best free streaming sites.

No fret, we’ve scratched the depth of the internet to get you the best mobile phone sites out there! This website provides great animation content in full HD quality with subtitles so that you can stream new apps more and more. So, are you ready to recreate yourself with the best free mobile phone streaming sites on the planet? Without further ado, let’s start.

Top 5+ Free Anime Streaming Sites List 2019

1) GoGoAnime

GOGOANIME – Watch Anime Online

Accessible around the world for the abundance of anime fans, GoGoAnime is a well-organized website that hosts a rich collection of Anime films and manga series. What’s more, you can also find dub and tons of subtitles in English that can further enhance your streaming experience.

In addition, non-native Japanese speaking people who want to learn can find GoGoAnime for learning Japanese. Did I forget to mention that you can also download all your favorite episodes? Get started!

You Can visit GoGoAnime – Here

2) Crunchyroll

CrunchyRoll Watch Anime Online

Although Crunchyroll is internally free it comes with a warning. If you want to stream anime on the site for free, Crunchyroll reduces video quality by 480p. However, it is also a legal anime website that provides a multitude of latest enema saga and manga content that is updated by the minute.

We are talking about the general fare ranging from the attack on Titan to mythological defects! If you want to enrich your experience, then you can opt for membership based membership starting from $ 6.95 per month. Fortunately, Crunchyroll is accessible globally, so you can assure you to see some jaw-dropping action for free.

3) 9Anime

One of the best free animated streaming sites for Anime Enthusiasts worldwide has become synonymous with anime for 9 anime years. Filled with a clever interface with high-resolution content and limited ads, you will be at a glance at this anime destination at first glance. Apart from this, it is also updated from time to time with new full HD episodes.

Thus, you can always hope to stream the latest episodes immediately after the official release. Just search by your favorite Anne by style, rating, or comment and score by other viewers. However, you can only stream the Anime series because there is no option for download.

4) AnimeFreak.tv

Sporting on a generous homepage with Quentin Japanese flares and bright colors, which has been liked in the last few years, AnimeFreak is a shelter for hardcore anime junkie. Why? Because you can find special anime content that is difficult to meet at other run-of-the-mill streaming sites.

Also, there are both original and dubbed versions of Anime series available on AnimeFreak. Plus, you can use Anime Freak’s Android app to stream content directly to your mobile.

5) MyAnimeList

Far Zero Reasons Why MyAnimeList has gotten hold of our list of best free animated streaming sites, that is, it does not show any advertising on its interface. the lover? MyAnimeList offers a premium watching experience, which is eye-catching with neatly arranged categories of style anime series.

Some of the most famous series you can stream on this site with ease and grace are Hunter X Hunter, Naruto, and One Piece. All in all, MyAnimeList is a high-quality site where you can download anything as well as enjoy unbidden anime.

6) Hulu

Rated as one of the best anime as one of the top-tier websites to stream movies, Hulu has made a long way to become Behemoth. With an extensive collection of high-quality video and a wide range of anime series, Hulu promises to have a nice hot anime action on your screen.

The only downside is that the hull is not yet available in some parts of the world. Fortunately, there is no problem accessing it in parts of America, Britain, Europe, Australia, and Asia. But, there are limited download options in Hulu.

7) Anime 44

With the Snappy Clean Interface, Anime 44 is a powerhouse with an action series from action to drama to anime range from a diverse range of action. In fact, Anime44 is one of the best free animated streaming sites, in which you can shed through a long list of anime classics such as old classics such as Death Note.

There is also a provision for anime versions dubbed for people who do not understand Japanese. The only downside with Anime44 is that downloads are not possible.

8) Fun animation

Another formidable legal anime streaming website, Funimation presents an impressive collection of Japanese anime. What’s more, users can also see sub-versions.

However, if you want to stream and download dubbed versions, you will have to buy a premium that can be off-put for most English-speaking visitors. Nevertheless, the Funimation remains through Anime Paradise and through.


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