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Guide on Whatsapp Web

Whatsapp Web is an official web-based client that will allow it’s Android users to open or access WhatsApp on pc without downloading any software or app. When you scan only one QR code from your mobile, your WhatsApp account starts appearing on the computer with all chats. There is no app and plug-in installation required open WhatsApp on pc you need simple browsers with good internet connectivity. There is a desktop app available too for pcs.

Through web platforms, you can chat with contacts, manage accounts, change settings like your regular mobile client app.

Android emulator is another way to run WhatsApp on your computer, but I believe the official method is much better than an emulator. Whatsapp web-based client has solved many problems of users, such as you can send files directly from your computer, answer the computer’s contact etc.

Visit now → https://web.whatsapp.com

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Log into WhatsApp Web on PC

If you are using a web browser to use WhatsApp Web Login, it’s time to be cautious about security device scams.

When a computer or web browser tries to connect to an internet site, what is a 3-way handshake to establish a connection between the two computers? They will contact user later and ask to pay a ransom for publishing the file.

It is always important that all users understand how to protect your system from the most recent viruses and malware. The user will be verified and will also be on the site as well. Whatsapp web users will then be able to see a spherical icon near their profile picture.

You do not need to register for WhatsApp again with the email ID. All you need to do is to scan a QR code from the website through your smartphone. There is absolutely no program and plug-in installation required to get the Whatsapp web through the browser, but if you want, you can install a desktop program on your computer based on WhatsApp web.

Through the internet platform, you can do all things with your whitespace on your Android and iOS devices.

Android emulator is another way to install the Whatsapp app on your Android. But you do not need to do this anymore.

Pre-requisites for Whatsapp web login:

Google Chrome or any web browser.
Whatsapp should be  installed on your Android or iOS device
You will need a stable Wi-Fi link connected to both the mobile and desktop machine.
Step 1: Open http://web.whatsapp.com in a browser.Step 2: Open WhatsApp on WhatsApp.

Step 3: On a desktop, it will ask to scan the QR code.

Step 4: On a smartphone. Click on the right side option.

Step 5: Select the Whatsapp Web. This will open the camera and start scanning your QR code.

Commons ISSUES On Whatsapp Web

Will my phone not understand the QR code?

Move your phone’s camera closer to QR code and wait for a few seconds. If it is still not recognizing then refresh the page and then scan the code.

Unable to join the Whatsapp web

Make sure that your Android / IOS smartphone has enough battery before using WhatsAppSpace.

Also, make sure that your smartphone internet is working perfectly.

You do not need to copy files on the device; Now you can send one or more files directly to the WhatsApp from the computer. So if you want to learn to share this type of files easily on WhatsApp, then here is the best possible way. Whatsapp login web option can be found in the latest version of WhatsApp. Then, you got to open the internet options on your phone.

How to use WhatsApp for pc

You can not use WhatsApp on Windows PC. You no longer need to use Android emulator to use WhatsApp or WebSite PC. You can use WhatsApp login directly on PC and chat with friends. You just have to download Whatsapp for PC and setup. To activate Whatsapp web, connect to your Android / iOS phone and you are good to go.

In addition, now you can install the Whatsapp app on your Mac and use the same steps to activate it.

Alternatives of Whatsapp Web


Another way to use Whatsapp web is to use an Android emulator. There are so many Android emulators but BlueStacks is one of the most advanced and popular Android emulator which allows users to use any Android app for Windows.

You only need to download BlueStacks App Player for Windows. (https://www.bluestacks.com/)
Open the app> Set up a Google Account> Open Play Store> Search and install WhatsApp.
Open whatsapp> set it up and do it.

How to know whether your message is seen by your group members

Hi, Friends, today I’ll show you how you can see who has read your messages in Whatsapp Group chat, but first, clarify how the check mark works on Whatsapp on WhatsApp.

If you see two blue check marks next to the message you sent, then the recipient has read your message.

For any message you send, you will be able to see a message information screen when your message has been delivered, then read or played by the recipient (s).

To read your message now, follow the step-by-step instructions below:

Deliver (double tick) – When your message is given to your friend, but he has not yet read it.

(Blue Tick) – Read or see – When your friend has read your message or seen your photo, an audio file, video or voice message

(Bluetick) played – when your friend played your voice message.

All those people; Now you can see who has read your messages in the group chat if this trick was useful for sharing on your favorite social network or let us know in useful comments below.


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